BT's Reflexology Foot Chart

A New way to view Reflexology

Taking the mystery out of Reflexology

Balancing Touch’s FOOT CHART brings the understanding of Reflexology into the realm of “Oh … I get it!” I wanted to make this chart visually stunning and simple for anyone to see how the foot – body connection is made through the science of Reflexology.

Introducing Balancing Touch's FOOT CHART (VIDEO)

What does the Reflexology Foot Chart look like?

What makes this Reflexology chart different?
  • A body is used There is a human body with all its organs on this chart to show you without a doubt how the body relates to the feet.
  • Horizontal zones shown horizontal zones or Reflexology landmarks are clearly shown in different colours, easily displaying the different divisions of the body and the feet
  • Reflexes are gender specific Some of the Reflexes in reflexology are related to who you are working on for example if you are working on a female she is going to have a different set of sexual organs than if you are working on a male. The Right side of the Chart displays the Reflexes as it relates to a male and the Left as it relates to the female.
  • Environmentally conscious Since Reflexology is related to the feet, why not improve the carbon foot print of our Reflexologists? Each size chart has been printed using a printer that uses non-toxic toner pearls, that has no toxic wastage. The Large chart is printed on Tyvex (a very durable product that does not rip so, no need for laminating and can be recycled).

What size are the Charts?
Available in different sizes:
Giant reflexology chart: 24X36 inches (61cmX91.4cm), 
Large reflexology chart: 18X25 inches (45.7cmX63.5cm), 
Medium reflexology chart: 11X15½ inches (27.9cmX39.4cm) and a 
Small reflexology chart: 7½X10½ inches (19.1cmX26.7cm)

How do I purchase this Reflexology Foot Chart?
Please go to and simple select the Chart size and click "Add to cart" button. We'll ship it to you and we ship all over the world. If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you.
(All Purchases have a 60Day money back guarantee)
Phone: 1-604-872-1251 Canada

Here are some close up pictures of Balancing Touch's FOOT CHART  
Top of the Reflexology foot chart
The Right side of the Reflexology Chart

The Left side of the Reflexology Chart
The bottom left shows FEMALE organs

The bottom right shows the MALE organs
The bottom half of the chart